Birds of Magee Marsh

Prothonotary Warbler
IMG_1549 Yellow WarblerIMG_1654 Green HeronIMG_1457 Northern ParulaIMG_1440 Black-throated BlueIMG_1427 Magnolia WarblerIMG_1352Blue-gray GnatcatcherIMG_1405 Common YellowthroatIMG_1984 Bald EaglesIMG_2018 Red-headed WoodpeckerIMG_2042 NighthawkIMG_2066 Bay-breasted WarblerIMG_2102 Nashville WarblerIMG_2106 Warbling VireoIMG_2115Trumpeter SwanIMG_2317DunlinIMG_2308White-crowned SparrowIMG_2175House WrenIMG_2165Black and White WarblerIMG_2144Chestnut-sided WarblerIMG_2136 Canada WarblerIMG_2142 White PelicansIMG_2250 Least SandpiperIMG_2270Dowitcher
IMG_2273Ruddy TurnstonesIMG_1798


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