Bethabara Nest Boxes

I went to Bethabara this morning. Did some birding and checked the nest boxes. It is scary to check the boxes not knowing what is inside!

Box 3 has a wasp nest in it and the roof is broken and fell off while I was checking.


IMG_0470 Box 1 has a Chickadee nest.IMG_0464 Box 9 has a wasp in it.IMG_0474Box 4 has a wasp in it.
IMG_0471 An unusual looking tree!IMG_0473Box 7 has an ugly spider.IMG_0465

Pea Island with our Forsyth Audubon Group

IMG_8450Tundra SwanIMG_8475White PelicanIMG_8490White IbisIMG_8511Great EgretIMG_8537Forster’s Tern
IMG_8540Tricolored HeronIMG_8542White PelicanIMG_8560Yellow-rumped Warbler and Palm WarblerIMG_8584Willet, Ruddy Turnstone and SanderlingIMG_8595WilletIMG_8617Pied-billed GrebesIMG_8287 Northern HarrierIMG_8301 Northern HarrierIMG_8302 American AvocetsIMG_8337White Pelicans
IMG_8349 Northern PintailsIMG_8353 Ruddy DucksIMG_8372 Snow GeeseIMG_8394 Yellow-rumped WarblerIMG_8408 Lesser ScaupIMG_8423 Ruddy DuckIMG_8427Great Egrets
IMG_8441 Pied-billed GrebesIMG_8444