Pea Island and Bodie Island

Ferd and I had a great day at Pea Island and Bodie Island on Sunday. We had the best weather we ever had during winter there.American BitternNorthern Shoveler
BuffleheadWhite Pelican Tundra Swans White Ibis Double-crested Cormarants Eastern Meadowlarks American Avocets Savannah SparrowJuvenile Bald Eagle
Northern Shovelers Hooded Mergansers Yellow-rump Warbler Killdeer Belted Kingfisher Northern Pintail Green-winged Teals Beaver Beaver Muskrat MuskratsBlue-winged Teal Great Egret and Juvenile Little Blue HeronLittle Blue Heron Yellow-Rumped WarblerAmerican Wigeon Brown PelicanBodie Island Lighthouse