Forsyth Audubon Magee Marsh Spring 2024

Baltimore Oriole
Juvenile Bald Eagles
Garter Snake
Turtle and Frog on a Log
Box Turtle
Osprey Chesnut Sided Warbler Blue-headed Vireo Blackburnian Warbler Female American Redstart
Juvenile Eastern Screech Owl
Warbling Vireo
Sand Hill Crane
Prothonotary Warbler
Prothonotary Warbler
Adult Eastern Screech Owl
Yellow Warbler
Forsyth Audubon

Warbling Vireo
Bald Eagle
Garter Snakes Juvenile Bald Eagle Great-blue Heron, Great Egret and Double-crested CormorantNashville Warbler Eastern Fox Snake Juvenile Eastern Screech Owl
DunlinsJuvenile Bald Eagles Muskrat Garter Snake Green Heron Red-winged Blackbirds Black-throated Green Warbler American Redstart Warbling Vireo on Nest

Pea Island and Bodie Island

Ferd and I had a great day at Pea Island and Bodie Island on Sunday. We had the best weather we ever had during winter there.American BitternNorthern Shoveler
BuffleheadWhite Pelican Tundra Swans White Ibis Double-crested Cormarants Eastern Meadowlarks American Avocets Savannah SparrowJuvenile Bald Eagle
Northern Shovelers Hooded Mergansers Yellow-rump Warbler Killdeer Belted Kingfisher Northern Pintail Green-winged Teals Beaver Beaver Muskrat MuskratsBlue-winged Teal Great Egret and Juvenile Little Blue HeronLittle Blue Heron Yellow-Rumped WarblerAmerican Wigeon Brown PelicanBodie Island Lighthouse