Birdfeeders – Tray feeder

My tray feeder is probably my busiest feeder. I get the most birds at it all year. This is my first tray feeder. It is not very big and when it snows the seed is covered and when it rains the seed gets soggy.

I replaced the small tray with this beauty! It is covered, much bigger and the birds and seed stay dry. It can also fit many more birds. It is easy to fill. Just dump a scoop of seed in it. If I could only have one bird feeder, this would be it.



Birdfeeders – Cylinder feeder

My cylinder feeder attracts quite a variety of birds. One of the nicest things about the feeder is you just slide on the cylinder seed and you don’t have to refill it often. They last a long time.

Pine Warbler and a Brown-headed Nuthatch

Carolina Wrens

Carolina Chickadees

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Brown Thrasher

Tufted Titmouse

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Yellow-rumped Warbler and a Cardinal

Pine Siskins

White-breasted Nuthatch


House Finch

My birding addiction is contagious

My husband, Ferd, has become very addicted. He even keeps his binoculars in his car so he doesn’t miss a bird while driving. He would like to get another pole system so he can put up a web cam!

My son, Eric, has become addicted. He has his own binoculars and bird guide. He would like to have his own bird feeder!

My cat, Angel, she is addicted too. She would like to have a bird!

My birding addiction still continues

I have to have a great pair of binoculars.

And a great camera to take pictures of the beautiful birds I see.

And I need books, guides, magazines and trail guides to know all about birds to attract them and know where to go see them.

I now have a CD to learn bird songs to recognize birds by their song.

The addiction just grows and grows. You will see how it is contagious in my next post.

My birding addiction continues

I expanded my addiction to other parts of the yard. I got a Hummingbird feeder for my window.

But I couldn’t see the Hummingbirds through the tall feeder so, I got one that has no top! I see them much better now!

I got a bird bath!

The birds are not the only ones that use it.

It is good even to the last drop!

I got a Bluebird house hoping for Bluebirds to nest. I got Titmice!

I got another Bluebird house hoping again for Bluebirds. I got Chickadees!

I got a Woodpecker birdhouse. I got squirrel! It tried real hard but, it just didn’t fit.

And, I got a roosting pocket.

I think I have everything I want to attract as many different kinds of birds as I can. I think?!

There is more and you will see how the addiction keeps growing in my next post.


My birdfeeder addiction

I bought my bird feeder pole from Wild Birds Unlimited. They have a great pole system that you can keep adding to. When I first got it, it had two arms to hang bird feeders from. I had a hopper feeder and a humming bird feeder. (That is Bear, my cat, doing some bird watching.)

Then I added cylinder feeder, and suet feeder, and a side dish. Then I added another arm! I got a tray feeder for that. Also an attachment for a stick so birds can perch on.

Then a suet log.

I got a finch feeder and a tube feeder so I could change it up to attract even more birds!

I decided to remodel.

I added an open tray feeder!

I added another arm! And a peanut feeder! Now I have the ultimate bird smorgasbord!! Each feeder attracts certain birds so I can attract as many backyard birds as possible! It didn’t stop there. You will have to see more in my next post.