Angel birdwatching!

Angel was doing some birdwatching when a couple of deer came to the window.

They are so cute!

OMG!  %$#*!  There are eating my hawthorne holly bush! Not so cute anymore!

I tapped on the window and they all moved on to another yard. 

10 thoughts on “Angel birdwatching!”

  1. Fun to see so many of them at once! But if they are all hungry, they’ll devour the Hawthorns, just like they did the Impatiens and Calladia. Bless their hearts.

  2. We got some black mesh fencing and put it over our vulnerable plants — they leave them alone. So we got more strawberries this year than the deer and the birds.

    1. My neighbor told me about a spray to keep the deer away. I think it is called deer stink and it does work for a while. I will try some of that.

  3. We grow acres of field corn to provide food and cover for the deer at our farm. Even so, they come in close and chew the bark off our little pine trees. We’ve had no luck with any solutions, hi-tech or otherwise to keep them out of the yard. Bless their little hearts….

  4. These are great pictures! Absolutely love the second one. I’m so surprised they came so close to the window. We have a few that cross our backyard but they’ve never come up close to the house.

  5. Hi Gail – When I was growing up we lived on a farm and every dawn and every dusk you could see deer. They are indeed beautiful creatures until they decide to eat all your plants. Great shots by the way.

    Have a terrific day. I hope you and Ferd are having a great time in San Francisco. Big hug. 🙂

  6. These are absolutely beautiful pictures. How fortunate you are to have a great view of God’s creatures. So surprised they came so close with Angel in the window!

    1. Angel did not move while watching on her perch. But as soon as you do, they spook very easily and they will run away. The deer looked up when they seen me taking pictures.

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