Birdfeeders – Tray feeder

My tray feeder is probably my busiest feeder. I get the most birds at it all year. This is my first tray feeder. It is not very big and when it snows the seed is covered and when it rains the seed gets soggy.

I replaced the small tray with this beauty! It is covered, much bigger and the birds and seed stay dry. It can also fit many more birds. It is easy to fill. Just dump a scoop of seed in it. If I could only have one bird feeder, this would be it.



3 thoughts on “Birdfeeders – Tray feeder”

  1. The new tray feeder is 16″ x 10″. I added a couple more pictures to show the size better. A lot of the pictures are taken from my window and it shows the smaller side. That way I can see all of my feeders. Though I might have to change it around. Again!

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