Birds in San Diego, California

Tijuana River Estuary NWRIMG_2904 Red-tailed HawksIMG_2107Northern HarrierIMG_1968Black PhoebeIMG_1946Coopers HawkIMG_1904Shorebirds at the Tijauna RiverIMG_2029Elegant TernsIMG_1921Ridgway’s RailIMG_2013IMG_2142Coopers HawkIMG_1893Torrey Pines Sate Natural ReserveIMG_2137Black PhoebeIMG_1943Snowy EgretIMG_2066BushtitIMG_2229 Long-billed CurlewIMG_2211 IMG_2250 Yellow WarblerIMG_2246Ridgway’s RailIMG_2038 Willets and Long-billed CurlewIMG_2210 BushtitIMG_2222 Heerman GullIMG_2186 Ana’s HummingbirdIMG_2266 Ferd BirdIMG_2272

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