Birds of Magee Marsh

Prothonotary Warbler
IMG_1549 Yellow WarblerIMG_1654 Green HeronIMG_1457 Northern ParulaIMG_1440 Black-throated BlueIMG_1427 Magnolia WarblerIMG_1352Blue-gray GnatcatcherIMG_1405 Common YellowthroatIMG_1984 Bald EaglesIMG_2018 Red-headed WoodpeckerIMG_2042 NighthawkIMG_2066 Bay-breasted WarblerIMG_2102 Nashville WarblerIMG_2106 Warbling VireoIMG_2115Trumpeter SwanIMG_2317DunlinIMG_2308White-crowned SparrowIMG_2175House WrenIMG_2165Black and White WarblerIMG_2144Chestnut-sided WarblerIMG_2136 Canada WarblerIMG_2142 White PelicansIMG_2250 Least SandpiperIMG_2270Dowitcher
IMG_2273Ruddy TurnstonesIMG_1798

6 thoughts on “Birds of Magee Marsh”

  1. Gail,
    You had some fabulous pictures of Magee Marsh. Thanks for sharing them with us all.

  2. They all look like they have been well fed. I especially like the bald eagles and their babies!

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