Cape Maygration

The most special part of our trip was meeting up with our friend Mark Garland. Mark is a Naturalist who leads lots of field trips and tours. He took us to a couple great birding spots. At the beach, we saw Horseshoe Crabs and thousands of shorebirds including Gulls, Terns, Sandpipers, Plovers, Killdeer, Ruddy Turnstones and then some! Every year in the spring, the Horseshoe Crabs come to shore to lay their eggs. For two weeks, thousands of shorebirds come to eat the eggs to refuel before heading north.

IMG_1924IMG_0286 IMG_0291


Mark is showing us how the male Horseshoe Crab latches on to the female with their boxer claws.IMG_1922

Isn’t he attractive?IMG_1923

Mark is looking through some seaweed to show us a Horseshoe Crab egg.

IMG_1915 He is showing us the egg. It is so tiny we could hardly see it. IMG_0298

IMG_0318 IMG_1912IMG_1918




We saw a Tri-colored Heron. Another life bird!IMG_0257


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