Winter birding trip with Forsyth Audubon – Tom Yawkey Wildlife Center

Our awesome Forsyth Audubon 2016 winter trip group:IMG_3111The Roseate Spoonbill is the bird of the trip!
IMG_3022Roseate SpoonbillIMG_3069IMG_3070Bald EagleIMG_3053Eastern MeadowlarksIMG_3114Wood StorkIMG_3051Black-crowned Night-heronIMG_3046American AvocetIMG_3014Huge alligatorIMG_3099This picture is for you Katie Dalton. The old alligator has teeth!IMG_3101Small alligatorIMG_3083White IbisIMG_3013Belted KingfisherIMG_2955Awesome group! Awesome time!IMG_2927

Tanglewood Park Owls

X marks the spot! Thanks to Craig McCleary for placing these sticks on the wire fence! We found the Great-horned Owls right where he had previously seen them.

IMG_0711This was the first Great-horned Owl that we noticed as it flew from one tree to the next.

IMG_0649A second owl flew in to join the first! You can see them both in this picture.

IMG_0672 IMG_0710

On our way out we saw two Barred Owls. They were calling back and forth.IMG_0745IMG_0755

This was a great birding day. Four owls!!!! The Great-horned Owl was a life bird! ๐Ÿ˜€

Another great day at Magee Marsh!

Ferd and I went birding again on Sunday at Magee Marsh! Another super great day! And even better! Warblers include Black-and-white, Black-throated green, Nashville, Orange-crowned, Palm, Prairie, Yellow and Yellow Rumped!


Black-and White WarblerIMG_1798Warbling VireoIMG_5230 A Merlin eating a Tree SwallowIMG_5250 Rose-breasted GrosbeakIMG_5272 Bald Eagle and babyIMG_5303 Bald eagle and babyIMG_5343

Barn SwallowsIMG_5367Hermit Thrush

IMG_1773Summer TanagerIMG_1718

Birding at Magee Marsh!

Ferd and I went birding at Magee Marsh on Tuesday. Wow! So many birds! We saw at least 50 different species. Warblers included Black-and-white, Black-throated Green, Blackburnian, Blue-winged, Hooded, Nashville, Palm, Pine, Prothonotary, Yellow, Yellow-breasted Chat and Yellow-rumped! What a great day!

Blackburnian Warbler

IMG_5078 Yellow- Rumped WarblerIMG_5127 Prothonotary WarblerIMG_5143 Palm WarblerIMG_1343 Black-throated Green WarblerIMG_1383 Yellow WarblerIMG_1452 Nashville WarblerIMG_1514 Blue-winged Warbler


Eastern Phoebe
IMG_1405 Blue-gray GnatcatcherIMG_1415 Blue-headed VireoIMG_1401 Baltimore OrioleIMG_5206 Wood ThrushIMG_5158Green HeronIMG_5067