Blowing Rock and Grandfather Mountain

Ferd and I spent a couple days in Blowing Rock, NC. We stayed at the Chetola Resort. It is very pretty, but I would prefer a place with mountain views. The town is small and the main street is full of little shops and great restaurants.

This is Blowing Rock. Not such a big rock, but the views up there are spectacular!

We did a little birding at the Glen Burney Trail.We went to the top of Grandfather Mountain. On the way up, we encountered this big rock on the way up. Much bigger than Blowing Rock.Also, some wild turkeys in the road.

And some deer in the road.

There is the top of Grandfather Mountain.This is the mile high swinging bridge. Ferd walked across and back. I ran. It is very windy and scary up there! It does have beautiful views though.

It was another really great trip!