Clearwater Beach, Florida

Ferd and I recently went to Clearwater Beach, Florida for the Jazz Festival and to visit some friends.  We stayed at the beautiful Sandpearl Resort. We saw several kinds of water birds.  The most interesting bird was the pelican diving into the water and catching fish!

Pier 60

The Sandpearl Resort.

A view from out window!

8 thoughts on “Clearwater Beach, Florida”

  1. How do you get these amazing photographs? They take my breath away. You are ridiculously talented. Please tell me you take a gazillion and these are the 5 that turn out. So I can feel better about the shots I get. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Thanks Kate!
    I did take a lot of pictures. You can’t take a bad picture in Florida. It is beautiful! I thought these are the best ones.

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