Winter birding trip with Forsyth Audubon – Tom Yawkey Wildlife Center

Our awesome Forsyth Audubon 2016 winter trip group:IMG_3111The Roseate Spoonbill is the bird of the trip!
IMG_3022Roseate SpoonbillIMG_3069IMG_3070Bald EagleIMG_3053Eastern MeadowlarksIMG_3114Wood StorkIMG_3051Black-crowned Night-heronIMG_3046American AvocetIMG_3014Huge alligatorIMG_3099This picture is for you Katie Dalton. The old alligator has teeth!IMG_3101Small alligatorIMG_3083White IbisIMG_3013Belted KingfisherIMG_2955Awesome group! Awesome time!IMG_2927

Birds in San Diego, California

Tijuana River Estuary NWRIMG_2904 Red-tailed HawksIMG_2107Northern HarrierIMG_1968Black PhoebeIMG_1946Coopers HawkIMG_1904Shorebirds at the Tijauna RiverIMG_2029Elegant TernsIMG_1921Ridgway’s RailIMG_2013IMG_2142Coopers HawkIMG_1893Torrey Pines Sate Natural ReserveIMG_2137Black PhoebeIMG_1943Snowy EgretIMG_2066BushtitIMG_2229 Long-billed CurlewIMG_2211 IMG_2250 Yellow WarblerIMG_2246Ridgway’s RailIMG_2038 Willets and Long-billed CurlewIMG_2210 BushtitIMG_2222 Heerman GullIMG_2186 Ana’s HummingbirdIMG_2266 Ferd BirdIMG_2272

I carved a Baltimore Oriole!

I decided to join a wood carving class at Sawtooth School for the Arts, my first ever. I was interested because they were carving a bird, a Baltimore Oriole. My instructor was Jim Carpenter, an award-winning bird carver. We met weekly over the course of 2 months. He was a great instructor! Here is the final product, and some of the steps along the way.IMG_2717










Tanglewood Park Owls

X marks the spot! Thanks to Craig McCleary for placing these sticks on the wire fence! We found the Great-horned Owls right where he had previously seen them.

IMG_0711This was the first Great-horned Owl that we noticed as it flew from one tree to the next.

IMG_0649A second owl flew in to join the first! You can see them both in this picture.

IMG_0672 IMG_0710

On our way out we saw two Barred Owls. They were calling back and forth.IMG_0745IMG_0755

This was a great birding day. Four owls!!!! The Great-horned Owl was a life bird! 😀