Bird feeders

This is my whole bird feeder set up. I have this set up outside my kitchen window. If I am sitting at the table or standing at the sink, I can see all the action! Having all these different kinds of feeders and bird food, I attract many different kinds of birds and  have a lot of action going on all the time all year around!

My birdfeeder addiction

I bought my bird feeder pole from Wild Birds Unlimited. They have a great pole system that you can keep adding to. When I first got it, it had two arms to hang bird feeders from. I had a hopper feeder and a humming bird feeder. (That is Bear, my cat, doing some bird watching.)

Then I added cylinder feeder, and suet feeder, and a side dish. Then I added another arm! I got a tray feeder for that. Also an attachment for a stick so birds can perch on.

Then a suet log.

I got a finch feeder and a tube feeder so I could change it up to attract even more birds!

I decided to remodel.

I added an open tray feeder!

I added another arm! And a peanut feeder! Now I have the ultimate bird smorgasbord!! Each feeder attracts certain birds so I can attract as many backyard birds as possible! It didn’t stop there. You will have to see more in my next post.