Winter birding trip with Forsyth Audubon – Tom Yawkey Wildlife Center

Our awesome Forsyth Audubon 2016 winter trip group:IMG_3111The Roseate Spoonbill is the bird of the trip!
IMG_3022Roseate SpoonbillIMG_3069IMG_3070Bald EagleIMG_3053Eastern MeadowlarksIMG_3114Wood StorkIMG_3051Black-crowned Night-heronIMG_3046American AvocetIMG_3014Huge alligatorIMG_3099This picture is for you Katie Dalton. The old alligator has teeth!IMG_3101Small alligatorIMG_3083White IbisIMG_3013Belted KingfisherIMG_2955Awesome group! Awesome time!IMG_2927