19 thoughts on “Yellow-crowned Night-Heron at Miller Park”

  1. I have a YC Night Heron in my post today too! How interesting…mine was not nearly so cooperative though. He was so intent on lunch, I couldn’t get any different pose! I have quite a few shots that were very slightly variant…you have such a beautiful collection! He seems to be speaking to you in that last one!

  2. Awesome shots of the Yellow-crowned Night-Heron Gail! Having never birded in the East, this would be a lifer for me. I think I would have taken a step back when that bird turned around and fluffed its feathers like that 😉 I love the light in the second shot and I appreciate the way I could look at the full sized image by clicking on the photo!

  3. Well done, it’s nice when you get your hearts desire isn’t it? Even better when you get to share it!

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